Thursday, September 24, 2020

How Much Longer

How much longer will God withhold His righteous judgement? How much longer will He withhold the reckoning that is coming? How much longer will He stay His purifying hand? 

Just this week the news reported that the abortion industry has been selling parts of babies to science firms in California. We have known that for some time. What we didn't know was that some babies still had a heart beat when the were killed. What we didn't know was that a babies brain was worth a lot of money and the skull should still be attached. 

The abortion industry is not the only issue that is deserving of wrath. Society is disintegrating around us. Violence is filling almost every major city. Men and women dedicated to protecting citizens and their property are being killed every day. I ask this question. What will your life, mine as well, be like when men and women no longer put on the uniform and badge to protect us? 

Our identity can be our choice regardless of biology and DNA. We are free to reject science and believe that on any given day of the week we can become one, or more of, thirty genders recognized by some local governments. The suicide rate among gender confused has skyrocketed. We were designed and created to live as men and women. 

The state of California recently passed a bill that would allow pedophilia. A consenting juvenile can enter into a sexual relationship with an adult with an age difference of ten years. NAMBLA is ecstatic over such a law and it opens the door for the destruction of untold innocent children. No child is able to understand and emotionally process sexual encounters.

"For God is not willing that any should perish. But that all may come to eternal life. The Lord is not slow, as some think, to keep His promises. But wants all to come to repentance."  God is very patient with mankind, but let's not play Him for a fool. This madness will come to an end. The killing of innocent children will end. We will eventually pay the piper.

God help us. Lord Jesus come quickly.

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