Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold Soldier cont.

The soldier drew very close to the post and the dead king. He looked at the upright and and saw that the king's blood had covered over every other blood stain on the post. The post, used to kill countless poor souls had been stained with every man executed and now the blood of the king covered over every traitor, every thief, every murderer ever hung on that wood. It was royalty's life-force that ran down that post.

The soldier tried to remember how many hundreds of criminals cursed and blasphemed their god as they died. Their hatred ran down the post mingled with their blood. Trying to regain his thinking his mind was filled with the words spoken in the past few hours. The words, "Father forgive them, Woman here is your son, Today you will be with me in paradise, all of the words made his mind swirl in confusion. As the words were doing their work in the soldiers soul he closed his eyes. As soon as did he recalled in clear detail the eyes of the king, the eyes filled with peace, love and forgiveness.

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  1. Tedd, I really like the story and your words, they are obviously inspired and creative. I look forward to the next post. Great work brother..Terry