Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Sustains the Spiritual Universe

The Big Bang theory is by far the most widely accepted theory of the beginning of our universe. Science teaches that before the big event all matter in the universe was condensed down to a single dense mass of energy. At some point in time, approx. 8.4 billion years ago, the mass of energy burst from its restraint. Scientist do not know what caused the restraints to be taken off. As the explosion took place solar systems, stars and planets found their place. The universe continues to expand and move into what must be thought of as, the ends of the universe. Our earth found its place in our solar system, third planet from our sun.

As our planet found its place, it now continues to spin at about one thousand miles per hour on its axis. Which axis is at a twenty three and one half degree angle from true north and south. As the earth moves on the axis it continues to move through the solar system and around the sun at close to six - eight thousand miles per hour. High school science teaches that if any of the above facts were to suddenly change, not seasonal changes, life would be in peril. If the earth was closer to the sun radiation would be devastating. A greater distance from the sun would leave the earth a frozen wasteland.

Most of the facts need not be debated. We are certain of many things such as: The speed of light travels at 186,000 miles per second. It takes sunlight almost eight minutes to reach the earth. Our 24 hour day is because the circumference of the earth is about 24 thousand miles. These facts have not changed and the laws of the universe continue.

We can debate theories, such as the, Big Bang, if we want too. I have no problem with the theory because in my very limited mind and understanding it fits in with Intelligent Design or Creationism. I don't really care how the mass of energy came into being. The how doesn't matter. The power behind the energy and the power that initiated the explosion and expansion must be divine. I say that because there is no rational explanation, or agreed upon scientific theory. What is in existence, and is not explainable by rational thought or scientific theory is miraculous in nature. I know that is quite a statement and some day I may find myself to be wrong. But, until that day, I believe what I believe.

Science explains the how and why of the earth's ability to support life and what might happen if the balances and speeds were to change. I believe that the spiritual balances in the universe are sustained by the God of the Old and New Testament. And central to that sustaining is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The apex of the cross is the axis of spiritual living. All of the calenders in the world either use or at least acknowledge the crucifixion as a pivot point in time keeping. The resurrection and empty tomb are in fact the evidences that all true spiritual life comes from the power that raised Jesus from the dead. His resurrection was not, and is not, a myth. His appearance and post resurrection life events were witnessed by multitudes.

Just as all life might cease to exist if the rotations and distances the earth employees were to be altered, the spiritual life of man would cease if it were not for God, of the Old and New testament and Jesus Christ, the axis of the spiritual world and the Holy Spirit, the quickening power that raised Christ and gives new life to us.


  1. In a sense the Holy Spirit is a Big Bang within us :-)

  2. As I read I knew where you were going but I loved the suspense of the setup. Without Easter, where would our hope lie?

    Many thanks my friend.