Sunday, August 21, 2011

Light Expells Darkness

Light fascinates me. I have watched the night skies for years. In fact, some of the very best times with my family have been watching lights that are billions of years old. When Ana was in the third grade she won a trampoline by playing in a basketball tournament. We used that trampoline summer after summer late at night watching the shooting stars. There was always an August meteor shower that we looked forward to. The light on the barn would be turned off and we would pile blankets and pillows on the trampoline and watch the marvelous lights shoot across the heavens until we all fell asleep.

Later the grand kids would enjoy the same display and I would try and explain how awesome God is, in that He created the vast universe that so big no man would ever be able to reach the end. The kids were awestruck that the light from the stars started traveling to get to us before Jesus was even born. It was, and is, pretty hard to understand. It seems to me that 186,000. miles per second, the speed of light, is pretty darn fast.

One dictionary defines light as the power that allows things to be seen. Another thought, the power that brings illumination. We all learned as kids that a flash light was a pretty fun thing to have. Place it under your chin and you could look like a ghoul, put it in your mouth and that was even a bit stranger. The best use for the, hand-held power, was to make sure there was nothing hiding under your bed. A couple of sweeps with the flash light and I was always assured that the only thing under my bed was a couple of socks, obvious the sock monster left them at some other time.

Light expels darkness. I learned very early that darkness must flee from the light. There was no battle, no tug of war, the light always won the battle. The creatures that traveled the paths of dark were always afraid of the light. Like a wild animal caught in the headlights, the creatures of the dark froze in the light, caught red handed, no where to go or place to hide. A bit later in life when I wanted to accomplish some prank, like TP a house, or a couple of eggs, it was always done in the dark.

Darkness is absence, absence of light. Darkness(absence) is overcome by presence. Think what would happen in our world if people did not have the cover of darkness to complete their deeds. Crime loves darkness, darkness of surroundings and darkness of souls.

Jesus was very emphatic in His self-proclamation as, Light of the World. The next part of this piece will reveal my own heart-felt opinion and written burden about the darkness in our world, country and communities.


  1. I haven't read your post in awhile ... no excuses, I just haven't. This is good one. Star gazing on a trampoline ... how simple, sweet and full of awe and wonder. Tedd, you're good father and grandfather.

    Blessings my friend.

  2. Well done! Light is fascinating to me as well. "Absence overcome by presence" is staggering...I will be chewin' on that today. Keep writing.

  3. Really liked that trampoline thought. I was just reading about Jesus the Light of the World this morning :-)

  4. Darkness (absence) I will be looking forward to your heart felt opinion. Darkness (crime) has invaded this family and rural community and I am struggling to shine light on us. Thank you Tedd for you posting.