Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus Doesn't Own a Rolex

A few years ago the thought of Jesus wearing a Rolex was put into song and created quite a stir. The thought I had was, even if Jesus had a Rolex he wouldn't wear it. Why would Jesus flaunt such a symbol. Now I know that Jesus could care less about a Rolex or a Timex. Remember the old Timex commercials? The watch got run over, dropped into a lake, put on the prop of a boat motor, and always came out ticking. Some days I think that keeping time is a cruel way for humans to mark events and experiences. We watch the clock, the traffic light, the microwave, the alarm clock and every other device that dictates our lives.

I think that for the most part, God could care less about all of the ways we try to keep and dictate time. Now tell me, how big of a deal can Big Ben really be when the scripture reveals His thought about the calender? Remember these words in the bible, With the Lord, one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. With a view of time like that, is all of our stressing and fussing about the clock really gonna make a difference?

For ten years Donna and I waited to fulfill our calling to the mission field. Add to that the four years prior, when we first sensed that God wanted us to serve outside of the states. After our ordination we waited and kept our administration informed our our desire. Year after year we were told to be patient and wait. At times we thought that God just wanted us to be available and possibly never go. Ten years seemed like a long time.

The day came when I was holding a letter from Zambia. A trusted friend and leader in our denomination was requesting us to come to Zambia. The Hand of God was involved in the sending of the letter, our arrival in Zambia and the birth of a baby girl.

For me it is hard to understand how God keeps time. His presence transcends every watch and clock and history book.

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  1. God knows no time and I am thankful for that becouse if He did would we have a set time to be saved ? Becouse God knows no time He is pachint with us and gives us our free will and waits upon us to answer to his free gift .