Thursday, November 7, 2013

Giving up- Not an Option

Two years ago my book about our life in Zambia and the events that followed was doing to be printed. My family and many friends were excited for me. Every person who read the story gave me very positive comments and very sure of the success of the book and the power in the message. Upon the release my expectations were high. I knew that I had a lot of work to do to make the book a success.

The first month of the book out on the market I sold a couple of hundred copies. I had no idea of how to measure whether that was good or poor. I traveled to a few places close by and told the story of how love can save and transform a life. I was committed to the story and the message of love that should be colorblind.

The second week of August I received a letter in the mail from the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Arizona. The company that printed my book filed bankruptcy. They had copies of books from many authors and they had my print files from the manuscript and all the cover art. I was angry and disheartened. The information from the courts was not welcome. The publisher had files and did not know when and if they would be released.

Almost three months later I was able to speak to the Acquisition Editor who had left the, now bankrupt company, months before their demise. He was able to recover the entire publishing files for me. I breathed a sigh of relief and felt that God was behind this event. I worked with the editor, now a friendly acquaintance, and he was willing to pitch my book to  a new publishing house. My sense of hope continued to grow and just past New Years I received an email message stating that my book had been accepted.

Twenty months since the first printing the book is set to be released. The company, Morgan James Publishing is a top notch publishing house and the blessings to me continue to roll in. They have put me in touch with a publicist, Meg McAllister, who loves my story and is helping, in a big way. Meg, in turn, put me in touch with a really gifted media company that is building my web site.

All of this is coming about because God put into the hearts of people a desire to help tell the story of colorblind love that can transform a life and the world.

If God has your heart, never give up. The tribulations and disappointments will always be temporary.

My website, will be up before the end of November. This blog will be available through the website as well.

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