Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Changing Times

It was eighteen below zero this morning when I got in the car and headed to the office. It seemed like the car would never warm up. The power steering fluid was thick and the steering wheel resisted the turns. The crunch under the tires seemed exceptionally loud and ice on the grill caused the wind to make a rather unsettling noise. Now, add to the cold and ice, fog, yes fog. How could it be so cold and have a heavy blanket of fog over most of the road?

It wasn't that many years ago and I absolutely loved this kind of weather. The cold temperatures made me feel alive and invigorated. The more snow that came down the happier I was. I spent time on my big Ford tractor cleaning the drive and piling the snow ten feet high. I didn't feel the cold or the wind as I worked on the tractor or pruned more than a thousand apple trees.

Time changes things. My love of the winter began to change when the first snows of 2007 began to blow. My spinal cord injury put some pretty severe limitations on me. I could still get on the tractor, a bit more dangerous, and move snow. I could still move around outside, but not the way I used to. Now when I went into the pole barn I had to be extra cautious. I could trip over most anything and believe me, there was a lot of stuff to trip over.

Now, I'm thinking seriously about moving south. That is, as soon as the bank account and future pursuits will let me. I still want to live where there are seasons. Where I can enjoy the fall colors and spring flowers, just not so much snow and cold.

Life is filled with change. It is inevitable and unstoppable. Some of us resist change with every ounce of mental and emotional strength we have. It doesn't stop the change from coming. In fact resisting change may be more damaging to our health than being adaptable and at peace with it. Learning to be content in life is a big challenge to some people.

I will need to change my thinking and doing until the day I change address, on a permanent basis. I am so glad that God is the One who helps me change. The One who is Unchangeable helps us to adapt. The One who is Unsearchable helps me in my search for meaning and purpose. The One who is Perfect Love, loves me even when I am stubborn and resisting change.

Tedd Galloway is a former missionary and is currently the pastor at West Adrian Community Church. His book, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God, is soon to be released through, Morgan James Publishing. You can follow Tedd on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His website is,

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