Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Power- Giving it Up

For many people of faith lent usually means, giving up something. For the past few Sundays the folks at West Adrian Community Church have been encouraged to give up specific attitudes. The first Sunday the emphasis was on giving up negativity, there are far to many of us who are caught in the, I can't, trap.

This past Sunday the emphasis was on the insidious addiction to power. The scriptural example of the answer to the power addiction was found in Matthew's gospel and Jesus on his way to crucifixion. Matthew tells us that, Jesus was bound, was led and was delivered. The touch point being this; Jesus gave up his power for the salvation and benefit of mankind.

Some of us might remember the song, He could of called ten thousand angels. The gist of which falls inline with Jesus' own words, "Do not think that I could not have called ten legions of angels to come to my side." Think of that for a moment. Now think of this. The Christ of God, the Creator of all that was, all that is and all that can be, set aside power. The cost to him was pain, rejection, loneliness, abandonment and death.

So many of us have to have our own way. We are so convinced that we are the ones who know best, know it all and the rest of the world needs to catch up to our genius. We all know people who cannot admit they have been wrong. That is a use of power that places everybody else less than ourselves. I have heard some people actually say, "I have never been wrong".  That is a pretty powerful statement, but almost certainly and outright lie.

I am trying to become a person who listens more and interrupts less. A person who doesn't formulate an answer before the other person even gets done talking or trying to make a point. It is a very difficult thing to do, especially when you think that you must be right and therefore they must be wrong.

I get into trouble over issues that I am very passionate about, religion and politics. I know all about the two things that you are never to talk about in a gathering. At times I can't help myself, but to open my mouth and stick my foot in it. I am still learning how to be an authentic Christian and follower of Christ.

Tedd Galloway is a former missionary and is currently the pastor at West Adrian Community Church. His book, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God, is soon to be released through, Morgan James Publishing. You can follow Tedd on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His website is, www.teddgalloway.com

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