Monday, June 9, 2014

My Book

My book, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God, has been out for a few weeks. A month ago I began participating in a Goodreads program in which I agreed to give away five copies of my book to interested readers. I did not really think about the response to the program. I found myself doing what I do, preparing for Sunday services and making contacts to market my book.

I am finding it difficult to wear the two hats of pastor and author. When I leave my church, West Adrian Community Church, my mind is still working on church stuff. I have to shift gears for a few days and put on my writer's hat. I have this blog that I really need to update on a weekly basis. At times I am on schedule and at times, not so. Also, I am currently writing the sequel to my first novel, The Crossing. So I find my mind and spirit shifting gears all the time.

As I got ready yesterday morning to head to church, I do what I always do. I fired up my smart phone and checked my e-mail. I guess that means I am a tech junkie tied to my phone. Well what to my wandering eyes should appear but a notice from Goodreads that my book must be dear. Not bad, hey. The program was over and I had the names and addresses of the five book winners.

The surprise came when I looked at how many people actually tried to win a book. The number was more than 430 different readers tried to get a copy of my book. I have to tell you, that made my day. The publishing of my book has been an emotional and mental struggle. When the book was first published I had great expectations. Five months later the first publishing company shut down.

After months and months of trying to get my manuscript and art work a friend came through with my property. It took another fourteen months to know that the book would be out in the world again. With my current publishing house, Morgan James Publishing, I am blessed to a great degree. The publishing house put me in contact with a renowned and talented publicist, Meg McAllister. She has taken me under her wing to assist me. Dalitopia Media created my web-site and it is awesome.

I do not have visions of grandeur in regards to my book. What I do have is the vision of people being blessed and challenged as they read the story of a mother and her daughters who made the decision to love a child in spite of color, in spite of physical and mental challenges and in spite of hatred.

Tedd Galloway is a former missionary and is currently the pastor at West Adrian Community Church. His book, A Mother's Heart Moved the Hand of God, has been released through, Morgan James Publishing. You can follow Tedd on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His website is,

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