Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peace in the Middle East- Will it ever Come/5

Hatred and Bitterness bring division. Because of the animosity that developed between Sarah and Hagar division becomes inevitable. Hagar and Ishmael leave and Ishmael becomes the father of a nation of people. God has chosen Isaac, Abraham's son by Sarah, to be the Covenant Heir.
Over a period of time Isaac will marry. Rebekah his wife, will deliver two sons who will be at odds with each other.

Esau will become a man of the field and Isaacs' favorite. Jacob will is the apple of his mother's eye. The two brothers will do foolish and deceptive things. Esau will sell his birthright to Jacob for some bean soup. Jacob will deceive his father into bestowing the posterity and prosperity blessing upon him and not the rightful brother.

Esau leaves with his heart filled with hatred towards his father and brother. Going against his father's specific commands he marries the daughter of Ishmael. From the marriage of Esau the people known as the Edomites spring forth. Esau lives to the east of Isaac and Jacob, in the land of the Arabian princes.

Before exploring the history of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and their eventual conquest of Canaan a point must be enforced. That single point is the Covenant Agreement between God and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The passion and dedication of the Jewish people is directly tied to their absolute conviction that the Lord God Jehovah fulfilled his promise and covenant in giving them the land as He promised.

Over hundreds of years and countless conflicts God has been true to His word. When the Jewish people rebelled against God he corrected them and brought them back to their land. The real debate for many of us about God. Now let's be realistic. In todays world it is a very dangerous thing to say, God does not act that way, God would never do that, or we're all trying to get to heaven.
We are never to cross the offensive line by stating a Biblical truth that contradicts what certain segments of society believe.

A case in point. It would be a dangerous thing for me to walk around in Dearborn carrying a sign that said, "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not the god of the Islamic Fundamentalist." I am using that as an illustrative point. The Bible does stand against much of the religious teaching in the world today.

The very survival of the Jewish people is a testament to the faithfulness of, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The next post will be about the Jewish people entering the Promised Land and the people they fight against.

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