Friday, February 13, 2015

A Purposed Death-# Sacrifice #Lent

A Purposed Death
A seed falls, earth embraces death,
Time passes, earth gives breath.
Seed lives, breaks free of earthly mass
Sun, rain, time, generations pass.
Branch, leaf, reach sunward,
Root goes deep, strength to keep.
The axe falls, death comes,
The knife shapes, post becomes.
Sinners hang, blood flows,
God comes, Word grows.
Tide turns, world spurns.
Sinless Word suspended,
Heavens gaze is ended.
Great I AM is blind,
His Logos unable to find.
Purity runs down,
Puddles on the ground.
Post with open pore,
Absorbs sin so sore.
Scar of axe, knife,
Bring end of strife.
Post, thought dead, now lives,
Upward, Sonward, life to give.

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