Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Creation is Still

At the first Advent creation stands still, from the deepest edge of  space, to the tiny blade of grass next to the manger, there is stillness. That stillness is but a sign of the deepest reverence possible. For a moment in time the created world bows, every element within everything material knows the world is going to change. In a way no man could understand, the created world knows their Creator has taken on human form.

The Bible is pretty clear in stating that even the created world has been cheated and disfigured by the fall of man. The earth was cursed and yielded her fruit only after hard labor. The book of Romans puts forth that the created world groans and waits in expectation, like a birthing mother. When the world is finally set right by the coming Kingdom Of God even creation will enjoy her original glory. I wonder how much more glorious the heavens can become. But they will become even more glorious.

The First Advent has meaning for every person who will have a place in their heart for the Christ child. For those who seek Him will find Him, those who long for Him will find fulfilment. He tells us that He stands at the door and knocks and if we allow Him entrance into our lives He will give us life like never before. His life, at the first advent, is His gift to us.

The Second Advent will have meaning for all of creation, for that is when the kingdom will come and creation enjoy her new glory. The Second Advent is also the time all humanity, followers of Jesus and non-followers, will bend their knees and acknowledgement of the Christ will pour forth from their mouths. Governments will collapse as the kingdom will reign. Kings, presidents and dictators will fall on their knees in recognition of the Supreme King of all time and space.

Today our world is filled with violence. Innocent people die at the desire of evil. In the name of some warped and twisted design of god people are slaughtered. When the Prince of Peace comes every false image, thought, desire, ideology, will be displayed for what it really is; a satanic attempt to steal glory from Jesus Christ.

Let His Kingdom Come.

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