Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christ- What He means to my Friends

Christ- What He means to my friends. I asked my friends on social media what Christ means to them. I asked for a single word or short sentence to describe Him.

My blog friends and readers around the world, be blessed this Christmas. From my heart and the heart of my friends these following friends and their words are our present to you. May you find Joy and Peace this Christmas.

  • Pam L. Our Saviors Birth                          
  • Sherry M. Eternal Salvation
  • Renate B. Love
  • Lori K. Love
  • Linda R. Savior
  • Beth M. Love
  • Geoffrey Hope & Path to Peace
  • Troy H. Salvation
  • Brandy B. Amazing Grace
  • Veronica M. My Love, My All
  • Ange C. Peace
  • Dee T. Eternal Life
  • Wendy W. Unconditional Love
  • Jessica H. Patience
  • Sharon H. Life changing relationship
  • Ray C. Gives us a chance
  • Jackie G. Unconditional Love and Michael
  • Paul S. Sozo- saves, heals, and delivers
  • Kandi F. Family, Faith, Hope
  • Rachelle N. Forgiveness
  • Larry S. Salvation
  • William N. Salvation
  • Brandy H. Savior, Redeemer, Abba, Love
  • Marlene B. Family
  • Ed H. Savior
  • Sharon E. Eternal Life,Love, Justin, Josh, Myke
  • Randy G. Everything
  • Jan M. Salvation
  • Joann A. Security
  • Doloris P. Love
  • Rita L. Life
  • Joann D. Prince of Peace
  • Loretta B. Hope
  • Jackie S. Savior
  • Georgette B. Hope
  • Wendy K. Unconditional Love
  • Debbie J. Everything, My Sonshine, Warm Breeze, Reason I Smile
  • Susan H. Life Everlasting
  • Joni G. Purposeful Life, Eternity beyond Comprehension
  • Denise L. I have Eternal Life
  • Julia G. Mercy and Grace
  • Dottie B. Love
  • Kathy M. Everlasting Love, Lord, Eternal Life
  • Sherry B. My Go-To Person
  • Linda B. My Everything
  • Karen B. Feeling of True Hope and Faith
  • Kay S. Savior
  • Carol G. Comfort
  • Emily M. Forgiveness, Eternal Salvation
  • Margaret H. My Everything
  • Scot B. Friend and Teacher
  • Marie C. Love and Forgiveness
  • Sue S. Life here and Forever
  • Linda M. His Death-My Sins, Promise of Peace in the Valley
  • Lisa R. My Rock, Savior, Teacher, My Love
  • Patricia W. Salvation
  • Diane J. Fortress of Love
  • Carol M. Love of Mankind, Peace and Joy
  • Debby C. Foundation my life is built upon
  • Alvin C. Reason I believe there is a chance for Peace
A special Thank you to all of my friends who revealed their Christmas Heart

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