Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Al falls and His Heart Dies

Al’s office phone rang. It was Sarah. After a second of silence and an awkward hello she said, “I found out I was pregnant. Yesterday I drove to Jersey and went to the clinic. I have to take it easy for the next few days but the doctor assured me that I would be alright. It was a decision I had to make for myself.”

As the haunting words penetrated Al’s heart his mind shouted, “No way in hell is this my wildflower.” If he could snatch the next words out of the air and stuff them back in his mouth he would, but they were out.  He spewed, “What gave you the right to kill our child without even talking more with me?”  With the words out, the phone went dead.

            Al sat at his desk for the longest time, just staring at his old typewriter.  His boss must have noticed because he hollered his name and told him to come into his office. Al walked in to his office and said, “I have to leave, I might not be in tomorrow. I have personal business that I need to take care of.” With the words out he turned and left his bosses office.

            Late that night Al stumbled in through Bee’s back door. Making it to his room he opened the bottom drawer and wrapped his hand around his bottle. At that moment he heard a knock on his door. He set the bottle between his feet. There was another quiet tapping on his door and then Bee’s voice. “Is everything alright Al?” Her voice was as quiet and pleasant as ever. Trying to disguise his upset he said, “I’m alright, just tired.” Bee wasn’t convinced and asked if she could come in. She took his silence as approval. Opening his door she found him sitting on the side of the bed holding his head in his hands.

            Standing near the end of the bed, Al could see her worn-out black leather shoes. In her warm voice he asked, “Dear Sweet Al. What's wrong?  I've known something was bothering you ever since you came. I've heard you at night, late, when the house is quiet. I’ve heard you crying. I wasn't going to say anything, but tonight I knew I just had to.”

            Al began sobbing. Bee moved a chair to the side of the bed. Sitting there she put her arm around his shoulder. The long sleeve of her cotton house dress rested on his neck. Her touch moved his heart, and he began to tell her about the past months. Bee wept as Al told her about his nightmares and the vanishing girl in the red mist.

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