Friday, June 15, 2018

Transformation is Coming

The word homeless, hit Al hard. Even as the young man stood in front of him, his thoughts centered on the word, homeless. In his mind the message was playing, “Homeless, me a war reporter, now homeless. Whatever happened?” His mind came back as the young man was talking to him. “Hey mister,” he said, “Down the street is a place called, Agape Station. The Reverend and his wife help people. You can get a meal and a place to sleep. They are real nice folks. People start lining up around five, but it wouldn’t hurt to be there a little early.”

Al sat in the alley for another hour or so. The sun was warm and enticed him into something close to sleep. When he tried to get up it took all of his strength just to prop himself up against the fence. Almost a full minute later he was stable. His feet were numb from the sitting and his lower body felt like it was dead weight, like his legs were bags of cement. Once steady he walked out of the alley and turned left in the direction where the kid said Agape Station was.

After walking a few minutes he found himself looking at a sign. The sign hung at a right angle to the store front. In some type of script the sign said, Agape Station Love in Action. Al remembered enough Greek to know the word for love. The entire front of the building was windowed. From about three feet from the sidewalk to over eight feet high, the windows stretched for fifty feet or more. Within seconds the message covered front windows captured Al.

All the messages appeared to be done in white shoe polish.  Some were done well while others looked like they had been done by children. One message glared at him, “My end was my beginning.”  He gazed at the length of the window and thought that there must have been close to a hundred messages. Some were, Jesus Saved Me, Jesus Loves Me and You, Repent or Die, and God used this place to save my life. A few were done in a nice straight line and others trailed off towards the bottom of the window.

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