Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Al is in Good Hands

The sun was just beginning to break through the brick and steel forest as Mrs. Williams was gazing out the window. With her back to Al, his stirring caught her off-guard. By the time he opened his eyes the gentle saint was smiling at him.  Holding his hand, with IV needles and bandages, she bent over the bed and kissed him on the forehead. She said, “My husband will be right back, he has to have his morning coffee.”  

Clearing his throat, Al asked, “Do you suppose he will bring me back a cup?” Still holding his hand she chuckled just a bit. A small tear appeared in the corner of her eye after a few seconds it ran down her cheek. “Dear Al,” she said, “God has answered our prayers.”

            A moment after she finished her words Reverend Williams came back into the room. Standing at the foot of Al’s bed he was a pretty imposing figure. He stood over six feet tall and had the frame of an athlete. Al looked at him and asked, “Where is my coffee?”  Reverend Williams was quick with his reply, “I already drank yours.”  Al smiled at his friend as Mrs.Williams continued to hold his bandaged hand.

 “So,” Al said, “What’s the verdict? When am I getting out of here?” Reverend Williams chuckled and said, “Well it is gonna take a couple of days. We’ll be taking you to our house. I think you are going to need of some tender loving care.” When he said that he glanced over at his wife and they both smiled.

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