Friday, December 14, 2018

The Breath of God Descends Upon a Single Soul

The servants of God, messengers as of a flaming fire, watch as Father and Son move together.The servants, suspended in celestial glory, their wings are moved by the rush of the Father's breath. As in times past, His breath descends upon the earth and then upon the soul of a solitary man.

Overpowered by the Supreme Presence, he begins writing. The words seem to flow in effortless streams. Hours of writing seem as moments as the priest of Jehovah stops and ponders the incredible words he has put down. He scans the words and marvels at the ways of his God. This writing of his is not new, he has sensed the power before.

His eyes come upon words that are impossible to believe. He knows it was his quill that put them down, yet, at the time he had no idea of their truth. In is mind he questions: How can a virgin conceive and give birth? Call him Emmanuel, God comes to us, how can this be? The man of God hangs his head and confesses his sin of disbelief.

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