Saturday, December 21, 2019

We Need Christmas-Bad

We need Christmas. We need Christmas really bad. We need Christmas so bad that, let me just say, the world would have fallen apart without it. We need to believe in the magic of Christmas. For it is magic you know that Santa has. You can watch it working on the faces of innocent boys and girls wherever he is sitting and they are hoping. You can hear the magic when they whisper in his ear what their heart's desire is. You can see when they scribble out a letter and send it to the north pole.

Christmas brings miracles, to a little girl on 34th street and millions on main street. Christmas brings out the best in people. When a man faces absolute ruin at the hands of an evil man the best in people and the best people come to his side. They prove that it really is a Wonderful Life. Christmas brings back the voice of an iconic man and iconic song. When he sings, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, every listener must smile.

We need Christmas because it brings out the compassion in us. People stand in the freezing cold on street corners, at grocery stores, at the mall, ringing brass bells. With every clang of the bell they hope for a dollar to find its place inside a red bucket. The collected dollars help bring a smile to a child's face. Who, no fault of their own, might go without a pretty package under their tree.

We need Christmas because millions of us still believe in gifts that change lives. We still believe that Mary took great care in bringing the swaddling clothes for her soon to be delivered son. We still believe that the son she was carrying within her fragile body would ride a donkey down the streets of Jerusalem.We still believe that her son would walk through that city on his way up to the executioner's hill.

We need Christmas....I need Christmas. Christmas means more than feeble words could ever express. I need Christmas because I need a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Be blessed this Christmas.
Tedd Galloway

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  1. Tedd, you got to the heart of it all. The joy we feel, the miracles we see in people this time of year, it what Christ gave us, lives through us and spreads far and wide.