Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Father's Quest for Freedom

During the second world war my Grandmother Galloway prayed as five of her sons fought the axis powers. My father and an uncle fought in the Pacific and three other uncles fought in Europe. Everyone came home safe, but not sound. My father suffered cerebral malaria and the after effects for many years. In all of my growing up years he never really talked much about, "The War". But, I do remember the one time he talked about some of the events that took place. In the jungles of New Guinea more than 7000 men in his division died of disease or combat. He never talked about the enemy and how they butchered soldiers and innocent civilians.

Later I studied the archives and journals of the Red Arrow Division and began to understand the cost of freedom. The cost that my father and others like him paid for my freedom. In the next decade the men of the Greatest Generation will have for the most part passed on to eternity. Now the ideals and vision that thousands upon thousands of men, and women, fought and died for will pass on with them, unless. Unless freedom loving people that really understand the vision and passion of our founding heroes take a stand.

Today the government is planning on telling you what you must purchase, or be fined. They are going to control how much carbon dioxide is released, don't exhale too much. Lawmakers want gps devices installed in autos to check mileage and routes that are heavily traveled. They could even check to see if you attend a Tea Party. It won't be long and this will no longer be the land of, The Pilgrims Pride. Today we must be serious about the ballot box, for I fear that if we are not than the bullet box may be next. God help us and our land.

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