Friday, April 23, 2010

Clean Man cont.


The sacrifice was finished and Bartholomew turned and ran for the gate to the outer court. As he went through the gate his precious wife was waiting for him She put the littlest one on the ground and as Bartholomew drew close she threw herself into his arms. He buried his head in her hair and picking her up from the ground he spoke into her ear, "I'm clean, I'm clean and I will never leave you again". With their tears mingling together on their faces Bartholomew gathered up both children in his arms. His wife stood amazed and had forgotten how strong her man really was.

With both children in his arms the oldest child spoke words his heart melted over, "Daddy, Daddy we love you and we missed you so much. Oh Daddy hold onto us and promise never to leave us again." With his face wet with tears and his voice choking he told his wife and children that Jesus made him better. That, Jesus is a man sent to us from the Lord Jehovah to rescue his people.

Bartholomew and his family went home. Each day he rejoiced for the miracle Jesus gave to him. He knew it was so much more than clean skin that was his gift. His heart was filled with hope and in his soul he knew that the Lord Jehovah cared for his people. He thanked the Lord each day for his children and his lovely wife. He was so happy to wake before the dawn and look at his wife, watch her breathe and feel her warmth. He promised himself that he would never forget what it was like to be alone, sleep on the ground and shiver in the cold.

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