Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God's Gift of Hope

Today Ana Syoma Galloway heads to Tanzania to encounter what could only be described as a "life change". Donna and I have prayed and waited for this day to come and though we can't be with her, we are.

Ana was never supposed to live. Her birth mother died during delivery of hemorrhaging, due to malnutrition. Ana was placed on the stomach of her deceased mother, to be buried with her. The Tonga people believe that a child that brings about the death of their mother must be evil and be buried as well. During the time the grave was being dug Ana's uncle came to the village, the moaning and sorrow songs drew him. Believing Ana to be a powerful spirit he wanted to keep the village safe from spirit troubles so he carried her for two days to the hospital where Donna was.

Arriving at the hospital he placed her into Donna's arms and told her the family last name and that the mother was dead. Ana was near death as having no water but a few dribbles of stagnant water. Her skin was turning ashen and death was coming. The attending doctor told Donna to set her aside and let "her slip away". Donna was not about to let any baby just slip away.

Very lovingly, like only a mother can do, Donna bathed Ana and put a clean diaper on her. The birth rag was the only covering she arrived in. Ana survived that first day though she seemed to get worse as the parasites in the water began to weaken her already fragile struggle to live.

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