Wednesday, August 18, 2010

God's Gift of Hope

When Ana arrived at the hospital she weighed less than four pounds. She really struggled the first days in the hospital and the doctors kept telling Donna that the baby will not live. Now, the doctors were not cruel or faithless. No, It is just that they had seen this situation hundreds of times and expected this time to be no different. Donna told Hilary of the new baby and Hilary began helping in Ana's care. Ana held on for the first week even though she was still very weak.

One of our friends, a doctor from Holland, did a very complete assessment of Ana. Her report was not very encouraging. The parasites were in her digestive system and unless they were killed they would multiply and kill her. A very strong medication would be given, when she was able to handle its potency. The malnutrition that killed her mother had left Ana with some serious difficulties. She faced the possibility of mental and learning impairments. Another issue would be her physical development. Most babies in Ana's condition suffer bone and muscle difficulties. All in all the report was troublesome. But, Donna and Hilary had decided that the little Tonga baby was going to live.

Donna loved taking care of the orphan babies. One baby, Baby Irene, that is what they called her, was dying of AIDS. She was six months old and weighed only about ten pounds. Donna knew that Baby Irene was nearing her end of earthly time and wanted to do something special for her. She brought her to the house for the weekend and she and Hilary spent time just holding her and singing and talking. On Sunday Hilary put a little green dress on her, the dress one of her favorite dolls wore. Baby Irene went to church looking like a princess. After church they took her back to the hospital. On Tuesday Baby Irene left her disease behind. Hilary gave her that little green dress to go to heaven in.

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