Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prince of Peace-Please

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Arizona- another in a long line of tragedies. A man with his life filled with delusion and evil, who has lost all sense of moral righteous purpose, kills. It makes no difference to him that people are innocent. In his mind all are guilty, as his insanity increases the spewing of his violence and bullets increase. The fruition of his diseased growth is death.

While shock covers the land and truth is still to be discovered, self-righteous mouth-pieces of society begin. Fingers are pointed and tongues wag nonstop. It seems as though everybody is blaming everybody. Politicians load up with verbal barbs and accusations. Social organizations line up on sides of the battle line. The social scientist inform us that what takes place is a symptom of our society. That would seem to be quite obvious as almost all destructive behavior is within a given society. We do not live in a vacuum, no man is an island.

There is no room to minimize the trauma and complete and utter dread of what happened in Arizona. Innocent people died and the wounded will need healing far beyond flesh and bone. The question that keeps coming back to me is, "Do we really understand what happened?"  The actual events are obvious, we have been informed, re-informed, and updated by the 24hour media. And that is their job, they are doing what people want them to do.

Back to the question. There are some people who can see deeper than events, experiences, visible realities and even history. The truth of the matter is not pleasant, but it is filled with hope and certainty. We live in a world that is broken and a country that has embraced the disposability of everything. What is sacred? What boundaries does our society embrace? Our boundaries are as strong and stable as Jello. We do and want to do whatever is right in our own eyes.

Until men and women embrace the Lordship of Christ and experience the quickening and regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, nothing much will change. The religions of the world offer little to no hope, for they can not change the character of mankind. It is Christ, and only Christ, that can transform us into new and different creations. PRINCE OF PEACE- PLEASE,PLEASE PROVIDE


  1. Well written, Ted. You've nailed many of the points right on the head. You know my background and you know why I won't agree on a few fine points. But overall you've said what many clear-headed Americans believe.
    Some people are born evil. Some are drawn to it like a magnet. The outcome is usually the same tragic theme. One dies, many die,thousands die and millions die. Evil doesn't care as long as it is being served. Unfortunately the media circus only focuses on the bad that is caused and not the good that is created to counter-balance it.

  2. It is good Tedd to be back following your blog. It has been too long for me to have stayed away. I love your message of "hope" and your statement, "It is Christ, and only christ, that can transfor us into new and different creations." For it is the Prince of Peace that has sustained us these past 7 weeks. Satan is rampant on this earth, and it is time we as follower of Christ speak out and let the world know that through accepting Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us can we change. For we have to change first in order for our world to change. Thank you Tedd for encouraging me.