Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

The clock is telling me that I am already 33 minutes into a new year and a new decade. Like every one else there were plenty of surprises this past year. A move to Morenci was certainly not in our future, as we understood it. Some exciting times, as Ana was able to go to Tanzania for ten days. The darkness near, and to this end of the year, has cast a shadow over the hearts and souls of multitudes as we continue to miss our three brothers. All of us have experienced our own pain, doubts, misgivings as well as joys and thrills.

Some words that have been attributed to Martin Luther, "I know not what tomorrow holds, yet I know who holds tomorrow", in German of course. I have never been a big one when it comes to making New Year's resolutions, I have trouble with my own spiritual disciplines. I have made a resolution to lose weight countless times, I weigh more now then at any time in my life. What I have done is put my money,ouch, where my mouth is. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Donna and I are gonna be in Adrian where I can swim and exercise.

I even hesitate to write this because words can be cheap and deceptive. The proof will come later, or it won't come and my words will be hollow and cheap. Don't make any resolutions, just look at your life and honestly try, by God's help, try and change just one thing for the positive. Just think of the end of the next year when you accomplished one good change.

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  1. Tedd, a lady you once knew posted this (she stole it from her DIL): "New years resolutions never this year I resolve to gain weight, waste more time watching TV, exercise less, eat out more often, read less, spend too much money, etc. you get the idea.... :)"