Monday, February 28, 2011

A Track Meet Brings a Powerful Voice

As we prepared to move to Zambia our denomination spent thousands of dollars  for our supplies. We were playing a prominent role in events and large gatherings. All of this combined to become a very deceptive and effective tool in allowing spiritual pride to take root. Today, I would place missionaries in a setting where their primary responsibilities would be the preparation of their heart and soul by prayer, worship, introspection, and intense dialogue with humble servants who have walked a similar road.

Another Point of Understanding- Many times in my periods of darkness and shadow one specific question seemed to be on my lips more than others. The question in fact was why, why wait ten years, why go to the Zambian bush, why arrive at the time we did? My understanding of that questioning is to be found in the life of, Ana. The clarity of understanding found full fruition on a cold spring day. Ana had decided she wanted to run on the track team. God in His love allowed me to watch a miracle take place. That specific moment in time, on a Northern Michigan track, God brought clarity to my soul.

Ana was running in the 400 meter relay and she was the final runner, the anchor. The handover of the baton to Ana left her about 20 meters trailing the lead runner. With each runner covering 100 meters it seemed almost impossible for Ana to be able to catch her competition. With less than 30 meters to the finish line, Ana in fact, passed the runner and her team won the race. That race is still talked about to this day. Donna and I both cried and marveled at our Zambian speedster.

Later I talked to Donna, Marily, and Hilary, all of us agreed that given the choice, we would not change one moment of the past if it meant our life, family, was less one beautiful child. God's timing and our discernment of his will was right on. The place we moved too, the ten year wait, the unbearable pain and devastation all accepted now as a minuscule burden in comparison to hugging our child.

At times understanding God's plan is plain and an illuminated roadway. At times understanding God's plan is found through trial and error. For whatever reason, God be praised, my understanding was and still is a mixture of clarity, darkness and shadow. None of that really matters, does it? Not as long as I confess that every breath is a gift and evidence of the great, I AM.

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