Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lifted Up

Feet Near The Earth, Crowned Brow To The Skies,
God's Arms Outstretched Mankind's Savior Dies.

On The Death Post and Beam,
His Precious Life Blood Does Gleam.

Three Iron Spikes Hold In Place,
Spotless Lamb, Now Dirty Sacrificial Face.

Voice, Whispering, Cracking, Groaning,
Pouring Out Life, For Sinners Atoning.

Parched Throat, Dry Lips, Mercy Please,
Cheap Wine On Hyssop, Creator They Tease.

Deep Into The Heavens Does He Gaze,
Searching, Praying Father, Nothing But Haze.

Completion Of Redemption, He Cries,
Wounded, Bruised Head, He Bows, He Dies.

Cold, Granite-Like Men, Face Death,
Watch, Remark, Christ Of God Gasps, Last Breath.

Now, Their Hearts Hard As Stone,
Strangely Moved, Even Their Sin Atoned.

For They Have Watched Countless Die,
Limp, Lifeless Bodies, Suspended High.

Men, Now Close To Post And Beam,
Ugly Truth Transformed To Beauties Gleam.

1 comment:

  1. I've made some modifications to your text - see the brackets, lowercased the text, and added quotemarks.

    Feet near the earth, crowned brow to the skies,
    God's arms outstretched, mankind's savior dies.

    On the death post [with] cross beam,
    His precious life-blood gleam[s].

    Three iron spikes [anchor] in place,
    Spotless lamb, [with] dirty, sacrificial face.

    Voice, whispering, cracking, groaning,
    Pouring [out] life, for sinners atoning.

    Parched throat, dry lips, “mercy please”,
    Cheap wine on hyssop, “Creator!” they tease.

    Deep into the heavens does he gaze,
    searching, praying “Father”, nothing but haze.

    “Completion” of redemption, his only cry,
    [He bows his bruised head, ignominiously dies].

    Hard [Roman] men, granite-like, face death,
    watch, remark, [as?] Christ of God gasps, last breath.

    Now, their hearts hard as stone,
    Strangely moved, their sin atoned.

    For they have watched countless [felons] die,
    Limp, lifeless bodies, suspended high.

    Men, now close to post, beam,
    Ugly truth, transformed to beauties gleam.