Friday, December 16, 2011

Being or Doing

I just went through a rather short period of inner conflict, short meaning four or five days. The conflict was about doing everything that I had to do, against being. Now, so as not to appear nuts, let me explain. At the end of this I hope some of you understand and can relate. I have some really important things that need to get accomplished within the next week or so. Like, this piece and book requirements. I figured how much time I would need to get things done and the tasks completed. I made commitments to have certain things done by a certain time. Yes I know, these are issues we all deal with everyday. We have responsibilities and in order to pay the bills and keep gas in the vehicle we must do what we must do.

Now comes the conflict. A serious family issue came up and I had to set aside my to-do list and concentrate on being, being Bumpa(grampa). Being is so difficult for me as I am pretty task drive, as most men are. I guess the female gender may not be quite as driven, I have my doubts. I like to know and see what I have accomplished. A good wood project that projects the perfect idea or image is to be admired. I drive Donna crazy when we go someplace in the car. Once I point the front of the Sebring towards the destination there is little time or patience for abstractions, like garage sales or weird things along the side of the road. I can head to a destination 300 to 400 miles away and tell you within ten minutes when I will arrive, I've got a problem.

Being, an inner sense purpose and knowledge of intrinsic values. Think of the following states of being and what mind picture do you have. Being in love; being a friend; being a grandpa; being a gramma; being a student; being a teacher; being a parent. All of these states of being are also coupled with actions. Gramma's bake cookies and Bumpa's sit in their chair and watch cartoons with a four year old. CONFLICT comes when you go over in your mind all of the things that you should be doing instead of being.

More on this later I have to get busy doing.


  1. I am avery task driven person . Once I start something I can not stop until it is done . Even if it means being up all night . To me that is a person that needs help . I need to let go at times and know that if it has to wait until tommrow I will not die becouse of it .

  2. Ah, the art of being... yet another man-struggle.