Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Thoughts on Being a Christmas Shepherd

They were men used too and at home with dirt, dung and dew.
They were men of earth, skin dark and weathered by years of earth's elements endured
Hands, fingers bent, scared, assured the safety of the sacrificial flock.
Dirt as skin with these men. Dust of summer fills their lungs as the mud of spring clings to their feet.
Dirt, dark and rich with pungent smell, holds life as men of dirt will tell.

Dung on earth enables springs green birth, left by sheep, new growth to keep.
The dew shimmers and glistens with such beauty, entrancing beyond jewels.
The drops cling to wool and blade, riches for common man Creator-made.

Just some visual words for the Holydays

1 comment:

  1. The post remined me of how all of us have dirt on us and only god can remove the dirty sin from our life's . If we are willing to be His sheep and follow Him our lifes can be so much better as He leads us .