Friday, November 28, 2014

Advent 2014

Mary did you Know- Cee Lo Green penned a great Christmas Adoration masterpiece with the song, Mary, did you know. I want to use that title as the beginning of four Advent thoughts. My services on Sunday will be centered on the positive results of decisions that were made hundreds of years ago and how our decisions will influence the future as well.

In the gospel of Luke the angel Gabriel comes to Mary telling her of the coming Christ in her life. She confesses, "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said." Mary's gentle and agreeing spirit was one of the reasons she was chosen to carry the Christ child. Her decision marks the pivot point in history.

I don't think young Mary understood everything that was involved in her decision and what was to come after. In so many ways we are just like Mary. God speaks to us and we desire to have his will lived out in us. We make decisions based on God's prompting. Never really able to see the end results of those decisions.

A case in point was our desire to be faithful to God's inner promptings which kept us compelled to pursue missionary service. Our faithful decision led us to Zambia near the end of September. Within two weeks of settling in our new home and life our decision was to result in the most unexpected and yet ordained event I could ever be a part of. A few hours away a newborn infant entered into the world and within 48 hours would invade the souls of an American family.

Mary had no idea that the child she was carrying was in fact the very Voice of Creation. Scripture is plain in ascribing the creative process and power to Christ himself. His voice created and tossed matter into space in perfect order and harmony. I don't think little diminutive Mary had any idea of the power of the growing voice within her.

Mary had no idea that the child she carrying was in fact the Incarnation of God himself. She was to bring forth into the world the exact representation of Eternal God in human form. Everything mankind would need to know and understand about God would be found in Christ.

Mary had no idea that the child she was to bring forth was to be the source of Eternal Salvation for all of human kind. As a Jew she understood the teaching of a coming messiah for the Jewish people. Her child would be God's provision for the salvation of all mankind.

Mary had no idea that the child she was to bring forth was to be the power of God's Transforming Presence. The brokenness of mankind would find healing and transformation through her son. Through the child she would bring forth men and women would become all that God had intended.

Decisions have consequences and long term effects. May our decisions impact the world in positive and lovely ways.

Next week the entire message on The voice of creation.

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