Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christ is The Creator

Walking out on my porch the morning sun has to fight its way through our massive Blue Spruce. At my perch, a padded chair, I watch the birds, squirrels and traffic. The overhang of the porch shields me from the afternoon sun until early evening. I have spent hours on that porch with countless cups of coffee and an occasional Blue Moon.

I love watching the sparrows as they dart in and out of the tree. In a storm they get in close to the massive trunk and find shelter until the storm passes by. The squirrels climb the wires, scurry along our sidewalk and generally do squirrel things. That is until the walnuts start dropping from the trees up and down the streets. For the last couple of years we have helped the busy guys by gathering the nuts and putting them on the porch.

Nature is such a marvelous gift to us. There is very little that feeds my soul more than watching the creatures of the earth and looking upon the flowers, plants and trees. So much I take for granted. The sun light that brings life to everything upon this planet is always  faithful in its rising and setting. I walk out in the sunlight with little thought that it took about nine minutes to travel to me and give light to my porch. In the evening, when the fireflies are dancing, the old man sent his light to me almost two seconds before I gazed up at him.

Scientist tell us, and I have no reason to doubt them, that the universe is about 14.3 billion years old. Some say a bit more and some say a bit less. But what's a million years here or there. Now, if I wanted to drive myself nuts I would try and calculate how big the universe really is. The math is pretty simple, to get the number in the ball park. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second and the scientist tell us that the light from the big bang has been zipping along for around 14 billion years. So, multiply 14 billion times how far light would travel in a year. You do the math.

The Psalmist said, "Praise the name of the Lord, He commanded and they were created. He set them in place forever and ever," in reference to the heavens and the waters. In the New Testament the Gospel of John declares Christ to be the creator as do the books of Colossians and Hebrews. At a single point in time Christ commanded elements into being and cast them into miraculous order and harmony forming our universes.

I do not have a problem with people calling the origin of the expanding universe the Big Bang. The elements that make up life and the universe had a beginning, and so must of had a creative power to bring them about. Seems like common sense to me.

The bigger question, in my small mind is, why. Why did this planet come into being? Why is this planet so perfectly formed that it can sustain life? Our gravity is perfect. Imagine less gravity and we would be in trouble. More gravity and we would all be shaped like Christmas trees or pyramids. We would all have pointed heads and more than half our body weight in our shoes, or around our ankles.

Not only is our gravity perfect, consider a few other things. Our distance from the sun keeps us from frying and freezing. We spin on the earth's axis at close to one thousand miles per hour and we are still walking around. Did you ever ride on the Gravitron at a fair or carnival. They are nowhere near that speed.

Why? Because God wanted us to have a world filled with wonders and beauty. So we could walk out and gaze into the night sky and marvel at the innumerable stars and heavenly hosts. Why? Because God Almighty wants to have fellowship with people who understand His gifts and love Him in return. Why? Because through Christ I enjoy not only His Creation but His re-creation as well. His re-creation of my life; so when I look upon the flowers and birds I can really know that He watches over me.

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