Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dreams and Obstacles to The Promised Land

Every dream will face obstacles. Every promise given can have a corresponding doubt. Four over four hundred years the Jewish people were suffering under the hand of the oppressive Pharaoh. They hoped that one day they would be delivered and the promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would be realized. Generation after generation of Jews died in Egypt, hearing the promise of a deliverer, but never experiencing him.

Moses arrives on the delivery schedule after a rather awesome and frightening bush fire. The talking Bush (really God), made Moses face the music of his calling. He was to be the one to face Pharaoh, announce coming disasters, and pronounce a death sentence. After nine episodes of God demonstrating His control over nature, Pharaoh still refused the Jews freedom.

The tenth experience to fall upon Egypt was one of crushing pain. Every first born of Egyptian males was to be struck down. The night of death was to come and Moses, along with at least one million Jews, were to be prepared to flee. Pharaoh's night of judgement came, death followed, women wailed, and men were crushed. In the midst of the Egyptian pain the Jews fled East.

The promise of God was coming true. The Jews were to have their own homeland. They would have their own grazing land and vineyards. They would know freedom for the first time in four hundred years. The free and excited children of Jehovah headed to the Promised Land until... Until the Red Sea stopped them in the sand. The first obstacle they faced in their new life brought tears, anger, and threats of revolt. Some said they would rather be slaves in Egypt with food then perish.

God told Moses to extend his hand over the water and watch. On the North side of the sea the waters rose as high as the hills. On the South side the water rose as well. With dead seaweed and flopping fish the Children of Israel walked across the dry sea bed to freedom. As the sound of chariots and snorting horses approached the waters flowed and Pharaoh's finest fighting force drowned.

Can you have a dream come true without obstacles or challenges?

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