Thursday, June 9, 2016

Obstacles to The Promise

With the Egyptian army on the bottom of the sea and the Jewish people on dry land God had the attention of both Jew and Egyptian. Now for the Jewish people, their promised land was just a short distance away. The promise that slept for hundreds of years was now awake. The Jewish people were soon to have their own land. A land that would give them bounteous harvests, grazing land, and water. The joy and excitement among the Jewish people would have been contagious. I would imagine there were many tears being shed over the goodness of God.

Moses made the decision to appoint one man from each of the twelve tribes to travel to the land of Canaan and check out the surroundings. His orders were specific. They were check on the richness of the land, and their opponents. Moses knew the land would be protected. A land of such reputation would never go untended and fallow. The spies were to come back to Moses and report on the cities, fortifications, and peoples. they were to also bring back some fruit of the land.

Upon returning the men carried some fruit from the land. All twelve men reported that the land was fertile and flowing with promises. And then the word every leader must face was spewed at Moses. The word, but.  But, we were like grasshoppers in their site. But the land is that of the descendants of Anak, the giants of old. But their cities are fortified with thick walls and fierce soldiers armed for battle. The opposition is too great for us to have victory. We can not enter the Land of Promise.

Two of the spies stood in opposition to the negative reporters. Caleb and Joshua stood firm in their conviction that it was the land God would give them and they should go in and possess the land. Their positive attitude and voice was quickly stopped by the "but" voices of ten and then thousands as the people listened to the negative message. All progress stopped.

The facts were obvious. The cities were fortified and heavily defended. The descendants of Anak were in the land. There would be many battles ahead. The facts, the visual, overpowered the heart and spirit of the Jewish people. A fortress with walls ten feet thick brought more fright than the promise from God brought courage. A soldier that stood seven feet tall in armor was more terrifying and debilitating than promises from God were calming and reassuring. The visible obstacles were more powerful than the invisible God they worshiped.

I would imagine that every person who reads this has faced fortresses and giants in their life. The career you desire takes sacrifice and working through obstacles. The dreams each of us have will, and must, face obstacles and setbacks. Our, your, attitude when facing your giants and obstacles is what will make the difference. I am facing down a giant in my life that I have ignored for many years. I pretended that he wasn't really there. My giant is real and so is yours.

God will give us the wisdom and strength to fight our giants and tear down the fortress of the enemy. I believe it and I pray you do as well.

More to follow in a few days.

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