Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Can't be Quiet

For the next few weeks I will be changing the focus of my blog articles. I will focus on the election and what I believe the future might be for our country, depending on the outcome. I will highlight areas of concern and give my opinion on the issues. I will endeavor to be fair. However, I will not apologize for opinions and views.

I am old enough to understand that elections may seem to be minor bumps along the historical road. I also know that a single election can change the course of a nation. The election of Abraham Lincoln might just be the single most important election in our history.

My Christian experience is the single most important influence and factor in my thinking. I prayed that I would be guided by the prompting and voice of God. That point might be doubted and argued by some who read this site. Doubt and debate is what makes mankind great. We have been created free thinkers.

Another influence in the writing that will be found her is: My love for my country. Having lived in a Third World Single Party Socialist country I have real and vivid experiences of what life can degenerate to. Many members of my family have proudly served in every branch of military service, excepting the Coast Guard. My father and four of his brothers served in combat theaters during the Second World War.

Comments- During these next weeks I would love to have comments and your thoughts on the articles. My arm is not long enough to pat myself on the back and I can't kick myself in the butt. I will answer any email sent my way. Address for email  My website is


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