Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Politicians and Farmers

A politician was out looking for votes. Driving down a country lane he spotted a farmer walking out of his barn. Being the Silvered Tongue Ivy graduate that he is, he assured himself of an easy vote. Approaching the farmer he introduced himself. The conversation went like this.

Politician - Good morning sir. I see that your lively-hood comes from working the good earth.

Farmer - I grow corn to feed my diary herd. Right now I'm milking close to fifty of the gals, three times a day. I'm just getting ready to hook up the spreader.

Politician - By spreader, Do you mean the mechanical device that distributes the bovine waste?

Farmer - Yea, I take a load out and spread it on the field that will have next years corn.

Politician - So, the bovine waste adds nutrients to the soil in the hopes of an abundant yield.

Farmer - Ya know, You and I are kinda in the same line of work.

Politician (somewhat offended) - Well, I'm not sure there could be any similarities between farming and running our great land.

Farmer - Oh, sure there is. You spread your BS in the hopes of luring some ignorant soul to cast their vote your way. You spread yours to take advantage of the folks.  I spread my BS to help take care of them.

Politician - Does that mean you won't vote for me? 

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