Friday, November 16, 2018

Jimmy Admires His Trout

Jimmy was looking into the net and said, “I have never seen such a pretty fish before. Look at her spots and the color on her belly. I always thought if I caught such a beauty I would want to put her on my wall. I think the best thing is to let her go free.” Jimmy stood up and the other two men agreed. Larry moved the net out into deeper water and pulled the net out from under the magnificent trout. As Larry turned back to shore, he was sure he saw a tear in Jimmy’s eye.
Larry said, “Alright the party is over and if you two boys want lunch, you best be catching some for the pan. I have one, but that won’t make much of a lunch, and I’d hate to eat alone.” Al headed back to his spot and Jimmy went over to the clearing where he caught his Speck. Al was still smiling as he replayed the scene of Jimmy fighting his trophy.
Al’s very first cast upstream was slammed by a fish. Less than a minute later he had a twelve inch Rainbow in the net. “Got one for the pan,” he announced. Larry said, “Not bad for a rookie, but I have two more for my count. That brings our total to four. We best get a couple more because I’m hungry and not feeling very polite, when it comes to sharing.”                                 
Al heard Larry holler at Jimmy, “Hey fisherman, you better catch a couple for lunch. If not you’re gonna be real hungry.” Jimmy responded with his usual nervous voice, “I’m trying real hard, honest I am.” A moment later, Larry heard Jimmy talking to himself. Larry asked, “Hey Jimmy what’s wrong? Don’t talk to yourself.” “Awe Larry,” Jimmy said, “Pretty sure I got my hook snagged on the bottom or something.” Through the cedars Larry said, “Hold on a minute there Jimmy, an extra set of hands might help, I’ll be right there.”
Larry was within ten feet of Jimmy when he saw him leaning out over the water. He was trying to free his line by moving his rod up and down the current and jerking it. Larry hollered for Jimmy to wait. As he did he heard the branch Jimmy was trusting for balance snap.

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