Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Facing Darkness to Marvel in the Light

The Prophet Isaiah speaks to my heart with very powerful words. His utterances about the Suffering Savior have pierced countless hearts. As I think about our Lord's passion in these days leading to His crucifixion the Prophet's words lay my soul open again. I have to try and come to terms with my lostness. We do not like to think or talk about man's depravity. O sure we think some men are depraved and evil; but do we think and believe we are? The prophet's words are pretty clear to me, "All our righteousness is as filthy rags, no not one is righteousness". I guess that means me. Without Jesus Christ I am hopelessly and eternally lost. I can not impress God with my education, vocabulary, talents, money, power or my acts of charity and kindness. I must hang my head in shame before my perfectly Holy Creator and confess my lostness, my helplessness, my complete and utter corruption. When I am willing and able to do that the weight of Black Friday will crush me. But the wonderful news is this, the life of Easter Sunday will rise within my heart and the Joy of the resurrection will have such meaning that my soul will love and dance and sing and rejoice in Christ my Risen Lord.

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