Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Certainty Uncertain

Oswald Chambers speaks about certainty and its counterpart, uncertainty. He says we should be certain of our union with Christ. Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that our life is hid in God because of Jesus. Uncertainty comes as we wait for the Spirit to guide us and bring to us His opportunities to touch eternal things. That part, the living in uncertainty, is what drives me crazy. I want to know the plan, how things are supposed to be. I want to know what God wants from me today and tomorrow. I have struggled for three years now trying to reconcile God's plan with my disability. My calling is to communicate the message of Christ. For thirty five years I did that through full time ministry, preaching and teaching the wonders of the cross.

I don't believe the Lord changed His calling on my life. Right now I am living in the uncertainty of trying to be faithful to His dear Spirit that keeps burning inside of me. Of this I am certain; Christ died for me, the power of the Spirit raised Him from the dead for me, His presence is alive in my life. I guess that is what I need to be certain of. How He wants to accomplish His work in my life is my uncertainty. I love the certainty and will learn to trust in the uncertainty.

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