Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Practice the Presence

At times we all have difficulty discerning the will of God. In the book of Acts the Apostle Paul wanted to venture into Macedonia to spread the gospel. It would have been of great benefit but the time wasn't right and the Spirit of God told him so. Paul's heart was in tune with the Spirit and he knew that he had to wait. Paul and others walked in such harmony with the Spirit that His guidance was relied upon. The Holy Spirit is our friend and counselor and He is commited to guiding us. A monk by the name of Brother Lawrence wrote a beautiful little book a few hundred years ago, Practicing the Presence. He described how he rested in the Spirit even in the mundane work of peeling potatoes.

Timothy tells us that all scripture is inspired and is profitable for teaching us in our daily walk and decision making. As christians there are things that we know will harm our walk and witness. There are issues, many of them social, when things aren't so clear. It is when things aren't clear that I have made many mistakes. The lack of prayer and searching and meditating on scripture has led me and a few others down the path of mistakes and bruises. I am learning to stay so close to the Father that my bruises might become less and smaller.

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