Sunday, May 3, 2009

Knowing and Knowledge

The Apostle Paul talked to his friends at Phillipi about knowledge and knowing relative to God. He reminded them that he was highly educated when it came to the Old Testament and following the various rules of religious life. His knowledge and zeal for God were unsurpassed and his credentials in the religious circles of his day were beyond doubt. Yet, in spite of all of that knowledge and the sheepskin on his wall he counted it as garbage in comparrison to Knowing Jesus Christ in deep intimate relationship.

Knowing about our faith is important. Knowing the credes and doctrines of our faith is also important as is even knowing The Lord's Prayer. But, all of those pieces of knowledge will get you no closer to the heart of God. God has been showing me the futility and vanity of knowledge if I am not in communion and union with Him and Jesus His Son. There is a big difference in the knowledge about God and union with Him. Those who are abandoned to Him, who know that He is our life, our breath, our very life is hid with Him in Christ. He is busy refining us as by fire. As we walk and move in Him He is showing us through His Spirit what needs to be burnt away. Burnt away so the precious life of Christ will shine even brighter.

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  1. well said! i was just pondering the 'letters' after my name, how their importance has diminished.