Monday, March 1, 2010

Man cont.

With the final stone placed to protect his wife Simon from Cyrene turns his back on the village that now is just the place of death and a growing hatred. Leaving the village and heading east he vows to kill every Roman soldier he can or die in the battle. On he walked facing the sunrise and walking until the sun set at his back. As he walked he couldn't get the images of his wife out of his mind. For hours he would relive their life and then the hatred would grow hot like a fire. His hatred became his food and he pushed on beyond strength. He walked for days until he crossed the great river and then began the journey to the northeast, to Jerusalem, to the Zealots, to revenge, to death and to finally find peace.

The kick from the soldiers boot splintered the flimsy door. In a moment the squad of soldiers were in the house with swords at the ready in their right hands and the small attack shields in their left hand covering their left shoulder and neck. Two of the men in the house were taken by surprise and before they could raise their crude weapons the blades of the soldiers found their mark. As quickly as they entered the house they found the man that an informant told them about, Barabbas. They knew that he had been forming the Zealots into a fighting group of men but they had never been able to get their hands on him. The promise of gold or silver has a way of making men talk, even men who say they hate the Romans.

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