Wednesday, March 10, 2010

man cont.

The hand forged iron bar shackle was forced around the wrists of Barrabus. With his hands held fast and a lance held against his back the leader of the zealots was led to the dungeon used by the Romans. Even as they approached the entrance the stench of the dungeons was overpowering. The mixture of burning oil in the lamps, the dampness of the dark pit-like cells and human waste was almost more than the guards could stomach. The soldier with the lance against Barrabus' back led him to the jailer. Within thirty paces the jailer and the guard pushed Barrabus through the entrance and he fell headlong the six to eight cubits to the bottom of the cell.

The man from Cyrene stayed outside the gate of the city. He was going to listen to the talk of the men and carefully determine who he should talk to. For three days he milled about listening to the talk. Men from all over the land were gathered in Jerusalem. With the coming Passover the city was bustling with people and he seemed to blend in with the crowds. He knew that most of the talk took place outside the gate as groups of men would talk of life. They talked about the Romans, the Jewish leaders and how corrupt the powers of the city were.

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