Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Prayer
Praise takes wing as Monarch or Swallowtail,
Bright colorful wings move past the Daisy and Lily.
Her fluttering wing guiding her past the sweetness of the Lilac and the Morning Glory.
In her flight of glorious sights she lands, ever so gently on His powerful arm.
He is pleased with her beauty and He smiles.
Intercession moves as the Eagle, soaring on the power of the draft.
Acute, perceptive and penetrating eyes focus on every path and road.
Every obstacle and hindrance is laid bare to his sight.
His eye seeks the right path.
He catches a greater draft, soars into the presence of the Maker of mountains and meadow.
The Creator looks into the eyes of the Eagle.
He Knows, and His right Hand moves.

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