Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some help please

This year is soon to pass into history, known by different events, that all of us write in our own book. I have been in a real, and probably also imagined, state of flux. I can roll with the punches with the best of them, but the rolling is getting harder on a fat and somewhat more stubborn man. Well, enough of the p--s and moan time.

Fact- all of us, and I mean every breathing person who responds to life situations, has had times of stability and flux. The stability may have been horrendous strain and stress, yet stable none the less. We seem to be moving from one time of transition to another with some of us grasping for stability. Well, this is way to much verbiage to get to a simple point- things change with time and time stops for no one but God.

This next year, or, however many days are given, I plan on changing this blog a bit. Always beware when a person uses the phrase, "a bit". That means anything, everything and nothing. I want to reach more potential readers and followers, followers is a blog term, not mine. So a couple of questions to those of you who subject your minds to my words. Will you help me with this by answering a few questions?

I would like to compile some information on readers, not to be given out, sold, auctioned, held for ransom, redeemed for Monopoly Money, stuff like that. If some of my writing has been a blessing, challenge, disturbing, thought provoking in some way would you send me a small comment, don't waste space like I do. Please consider the following.

Bubba from Bubba land- I like some of your stuff, it challenges me in my thinking about God.
Or you could get all gushy and mushy and nobody might believe you.

The comments will be saved for my reference and contact with potential supporters, and I might read them when I am feeling sad and blue. Please send them to my email at the close of this. Also, please tell me how you first found the blog, such as FB, Google Search, accident.
I will leave this posting up until the end of the year so as to implore, plead, beg, beseech, scratch for, yes, even grovel for every last comment.

Mistakes can be blamed on a lack sleep and electronic malfunctions and atmospheric conditions.
e-mail address tedd@aservantsheartministry.org Thanks and be blessed.

1 comment:

  1. Ted,
    I've known you for 33 years and this about the closest I've seen you to depressed, ever.
    Your writing is inspirational to those who seek inspiration, informational to those seeking information and stabilizing to those seeking stability.
    Heck, even an old pagan like me can pick up a few things.
    It is what it is, brother-in-law, roll with what you've got. Don't worry about what you didn't get.