Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent- Salvation, Children Need Christmas

Children Need Christmas- There is something absolutely magical in Christmas. Early Christmas morning as the sun is still fast asleep the lights on the tree are twinkling and shimmering in the reflection of the antique ornaments and illuminating the handmade treasures from years gone bye. All of the beauty and magic of the morning is secondary to the glow and treasure in the eyes of the children.

Excitement is rampant and its fever pitch is evidenced in dancing and prancing little feet, giggles and fun sounds. Moms and dads, with little sleep, take their places on the sofa or their chair. On the table next to dad's chair sits the family Bible. He reads of angels playing their trumpets and announcing the birth of a baby. Little smiles and forming imaginations try and capture a hill with angels and shepherds, and most of all a baby lying in the feeding crib for the animals.

Moments later wrapping paper is flying in every direction possible. Baby Dolls and pretty dresses are admired as mom puts her new robe and slippers next to her on the sofa. Dad puts his new slippers on and admires the perfect fit. In a few minutes the wrapping paper is all balled up and in the garbage. The toys, games and dolls are finding life and mom and dad sit next to each other, sigh and take in the wonder of that Christmas.

Children Need Christmas I am convinced that all children need Christmas magic. There is something about the human spirit that finds life and energy in the miracle of Christmas. Children must have an opportunity to look at the world as a magical place where lights twinkle, angels sing, people smile and the world takes on the presence of peace and goodwill. Children must be able to celebrate the magic of the morning and mystery of the feeding crib.

The truth of giving gifts out of hearts of love and goodness finds its perfect union in the Christmas story. A child holding a gift given out of love can easily understand God giving all of us a gift of love. A young child has little difficulty in listening to the angels sing of a special little baby born to teach the world what love is all about. The entire Christmas story is so special yet almost normal to the heart of a child.

Children Need Christmas  Sadly, the magic of St. Nicholas and Christmas give way to age and skepticism. The Christmas story becomes routine and the mystery of Angels singing and Shepherds searching is lost in the stress of the mall, traffic jams and irritated Old Children.  The sound of music from the street corner beckons us to listen, to become a child, to believe, to wonder, to hope, to pray. "God help me to be a child again. Help me to find the twinkle, the magic, the mystery, again. God, children need Christmas. I want to be a child again".

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