Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Incarnation- The hope of mankind

Incarnation- The Hope of Mankind
We are another week closer to Christmas. In a few days the stores will be filled with folks like me. Yes, I am a last minute shopper for Christmas, always have been, always will be. Besides hating all shopping there is one positive reason I wait. As the days get closer to Christmas the mood of people gets closer to Christmas. The check out folks, already tired, mange to give a genuine, Merry Christmas. In spite of the hustle and bustle most people seem to be in the Christmas spirit. And the Christmas music sounding over the intercom systems in the malls and city centers has been fruitful.

Of all the Christmas music that is played there is that one most meaningful to me. The hymn, Come, O Come, Emmanuelle, is my favorite. Not only do I love to listen to it, I like to sing it. The words speak to me about mankind and our need of a savior. The refrain, Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuelle shall come to thee O Israel. The hope of all mankind is found in one single word, Emmanuelle. Our spelling is Immanuel. Immanuel, God with us. God of Creation became God in the flesh. God, first at home in the womb of a young woman.

Mary knew that her child was from God. I don't think that she really understood all of the truth that was now living within her body. Within her womb was the only and absolute hope of salvation for all of mankind, past, present and future men, women, boys and girls.

The child within her grew and developed just as all children. She gave birth the way all women give birth. She felt the pain and then the absolute joy that comes in holding new life. She nursed him and cared for him as the blessing and passion of motherhood compelled.

Incarnation- The perfect DNA of God-Man. Within the womb of Mary was the miracle of incarnation. The perfect union of God and man. Her child, the Christ of God, was and is God. Christ is the Second Person in the Trinity. He is truly and properly God and truly and properly man. It is a mystery that I will never fully understand. Yet, I believe it with all of my soul. Why do I believe? Because I have witnessed the truth of the God-Man in the changing and transforming of people.

As God, Christ was able to offer up His sinless life as the perfect sacrifice for the sin of all mankind. The Holiness of God demanded a spotless sacrifice, unblemished and perfect in form. In spite of temptations and human weakness Jesus Christ was without sin. In his struggle with temptations he was victorious because of his submission to the Father's will and his love for mankind.

As man, Jesus understood what humanity was like. He witnessed the dire poverty of the destitute and the leper. His heart knew the pain felt by the beggars and the blind. And, he knew of the arrogance and pride that fueled the rich and ruling class. With God-eyes he clearly saw into the hearts of all. With man-eyes he understood the pain and need of mankind.

He went to the sacrificial tree free of sin and spot. The required sacrifice to atone for sin. The love that beat within his human heart supported him as he ceased the eternal struggle for mankind's salvation. For, when he bowed his head and died, incarnation sealed our opportunity to have a place at the banquet table within the Kingdom of God.

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