Friday, August 10, 2018

A Son's Last Letter Home

 She said, “That is the last letter my Joey wrote to us. He wrote it just three days before he was killed. There is a part of the letter I want you to read.” Al said, “No, I don’t think I should be reading your son’s letter. It is far too private for me to read.” She replied, “The man who saved my son’s life is now part of our life. Please do this for me.”

Al opened the envelope, with the care that what he was holding in his hands was close to holy script and took out the letter. The salutation jumped out at Al. It read, “Dearest Mum and Pa”. Instantly Al recognized the intimacy and tried to hand the letter back to Mrs. Williams. She refused his offer and said, “Skip down to the middle of the page where it starts with; I know God has a plan.”

 Al found the sentence and began to read what followed. Along with the intimacy of the letter Al noticed that her son had printed it.  He thought, not too many young men have the patience to print their thoughts. The visible thoughts of her son went on. “I know God has a plan for my life, just like He does for all life. Living among the people here, knowing their struggles and trials, I believe that I am a much better man for being here. Yes, I have witnessed far too much death and brutality, so do most people living here. But, I have also seen the hand of God. The reporter who saved my life, he had no idea what was going to happen that day. But, God used him, for my benefit and I believe in some time to come for the good of many more people. I wonder how he is doing?”

At the last line, Al’s hands were trembled and tears were flowed freely. The bedroom door opened and Reverend Williams, standing at the end of the bed, understood within seconds what had taken place. Al’s trembling hands held out the letter to Mrs. Williams. Taking the letter from his hands she held it close to her chest as if she was cradling her newborn son. Slowly she folded the thin airmail paper and slid it back into the envelope. As if she was saying goodbye, her frail fingers tucked the flap inside the envelope. Quietly she glanced up at her husband and placed her hand on top of the letter.

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