Friday, August 17, 2018

A Tender Heart Confesses

Reverend Williams took Al’s hand and said, “We’re gonna pray in a minute, but there is something you need to hear from me.”  Al could see tears beginning to form. “You know, you saved my son’s life. I know that you didn’t even know it at the time, but that doesn’t change what God allowed to happen. You saved his life so he could save the lives of  those precious children in the orphanage.”

Neither Al, nor Mrs. Williams, could look at the massive preacher choking back soul cleansing tears.  He continued, “Nobody but God knows this, but I was mad at God for allowing my Joey to be taken from us. In Joey we saw the promise of God touching the lives of our dear people. When God allowed him to be taken I was mad, mad at God and mad at the world.”

 As the words were penetrating the souls of Al and Mrs. Williams, Al watched the wife of this massive man of faith, as she choked back her own pain. “Al,” Reverend Williams said, “That time of being mad at God ended when you came to us and I began to understand His ways. You are my son now. You will always be a part of us and I hope we will always be a part of you.”

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