Thursday, August 23, 2018

Grandma Edith

Entering the diner, Al turned to find Edith right behind him. He asked, “Would you like to join me? We can sit at the counter or a table?”  “The counter is just fine”, Edith said. The young waitress came from the other end of the counter and began to ask Al what he wanted. Edith spoke up, “Oh excuse me for being forward, but I think I know what my friend wants. I think he likes his coffee strong and black, along with a piece of peach pie, if the crust is made the old fashioned way, with lard.” 

Al turned his head so fast to look at Edith he almost fell off the stool. He asked, “How in the world did you know that was the way I liked my coffee? And, what about peach pie, with the crust made with lard, was I talking in my sleep or something?” Edith snickered at Al’s remarks and just very politely said, “I could just tell by looking at you, you’re the kind of young man that likes the basics in living and nothing more basic that strong black coffee and peach pie.”

The two sat quiet for the next few minutes. Al drank his first cup of coffee and ate his pie.  Edith sipped at her English Breakfast Tea and nibbled at her piece of rye toast. As Al was nearly done Edith turned on her stool, looked right at him and said, “You know, Al, I can see in your eyes a great love, but I also see seasons of great pain and suffering.”

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