Friday, October 5, 2018

Al meets Nuttin and Butta

“Ok Willie,” Bill said, “Let’s get the hounds out and get started,” Willie opened the first door on the kennel and put a long leather lead on the first dog. Before he could even move to the second door the freed hound was pulling and tugging. With the lead on the second hound Willie reined them in and took them over to the abandoned car. Bill, about ten yards away, yelled at Willie, “Hey Willie, how bout you introducing your hounds to our members of the press.” In an instant Willie shot back, “All right, make fun of my hounds, but they are the best in the north.” And, Bill shot right back, “Cause they are the only blood hounds in the north.”

 Turning to Al and Ray, Willie said, “Now don’t make fun of my dogs. Both are males cause they have the best nose.” Pulling the larger of the two away from the car, Willie said, “The big boy here, he is Nuttin, the other boy, he is Butta.” Ray couldn’t contain himself and his barrel chest laugh echoed down the river. He replied, “I’ve heard it all, here we are a stone’s throw from Canada and we have a southern boy with hounds named, Nuttin and Butta.”

Willie announced, “I’m gonna let the boys work loose. That way I don’t have to keep up with em. Gonna let em get the scent from the car and let em go work.” Al asked, “Mind if I go along with you? I would love to watch Nuttin Butta.”

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