Friday, October 19, 2018

The Demonic Attack Continues

As the images of the fishing trip clung to Al, the smoke scent went down the shower drain. Sitting in his chair in the cabin his mind was fixed on spending time with Ray, and now a new friend, Larry. As he sat, his mind went back to the conversation around the fire. “God has been good to me,” he thought. A wave of emotion began deep in his heart. He was watching Sarah, eating pizza with shrimp and wild mushrooms. How she was laughing while she tried to catch a shrimp before it fell out of her mouth.

 In seconds tears were cascading down his cheeks. As Sarah’s image left, Aunt Bee took her place. He thought of her love and the way she took care of him. He thought, “I never took the time to talk to her about the pain of what happened.”  As he sat, the last image was that of Mrs. Williams. He could hear her praying and weeping over Sarah. With his eyes still wet, he fell asleep.

            He woke up on the floor with the sadistic strobe lights flashing across his eyes. He struggled on his hands and knees to the side of the bed. Exhausted and soaked with sweat he crawled onto his bed. The lights continued their demonic rhythm as the pain descended, crushing his skull like a vice. Covering his head with his pillow, the intense pain caused him to thrash and little moans escaped from under the pillow.

Now with the nausea rising up in his throat he knew he had only moments to try to get into the bathroom. He took one step and fell against the side of his bed, landing between the bed and the front window. Crawling to the bathroom, he just made it to the toilet as a flash of light and a shot of white hot pain pushed the contents of his stomach into the bowl.

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